In the News

Graphic Conservation has been featured in a variety of news media. Please follow the links below to read more about our company’s projects.


Graphic Conservation was temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All current client items have been safely stored and are currently being reassessed for treatment deadlines. We are accepting new items for evaluation; please call us at (312) 738 – 2657 or email for any new inquiry.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are encouraging all clients to utilize commercial shipping methods to deliver or retrieve any items. Curbside pick up/drop off available upon request. Additionally, once an item is received we will notify you of its arrival and then place it in quarantine for a short period of time prior to examination.

UPS and FedEx: These carriers can provide a cost-effective solution when you cannot visit GCC in person or when a fine arts shipping provider is unnecessary. UPS and FedEx may set limits on the amount of insurance they will provide for certain types of materials including artwork.

FedEx limits each package to 150 lbs. maximum and a combined 165 inches (length + 2 times width + 2 times depth). Maximum length is limited to 119 inches.

UPS limits each package to 150 lbs. maximum and a combined 165 inches (length + 2 times width + 2 times depth). Maximum length is limited to 108 inches.

U.S. Postal Service Registered Mail: The U.S. Postal Service offers cost-effective shipping of artifacts of moderate size and value.  Choose “Registered Mail” shipping — not merely Insured, Certified, or Priority Mail.

Registered Mail limits each package to 70 pounds and a combined 108 inches (length + 2 times width + 2 times depth).

Fine Arts Shippers: These companies offer door-to-door trucking with special handling for valuable or irreplaceable objects, and most offer packing and crating services. Fine arts shippers are very reliable and usually expensive. Companies can be found through a web browser search, the yellow pages, or a recommendation from your local art museum.


All visiting clients must have a scheduled appointment. Please call us at (312) 738 – 2657 to discuss your project and goals prior to coming in. All clients who enter the lab are required to follow the Covid-19 Illinois guidelines.

Tribute to our friend Jim Donnelley.


Sadly, we lost Jim Donnelley, a dear friend of Graphic Conservation Company on September 25, 2018. Given our Company’s near century-long history, 62 years of which was as part of the printing giant RR Donnelley (Jim served as Vice-Chairman), we thought it was important to note his passing here. Jim’s friendship, charity, love of life, genuine interest in people, sense of humor, and storytelling ability will all be missed. To say they don’t make them that way anymore is altogether fitting, and is an accurate way to describe Jim’s legacy. Jim, we miss you. Cheers.

Chicago Booth Magazine – Paper Work


A feature story highlighting our history and a few recent projects in the official magazine of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

The Distance Podcast – Pulp Fixing


Graphic Conservation was recently featured on The Distance, a podcast that tells the stories of companies that have been in business for at least 25 years. Illustration by Nate Otto for The Distance.