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We're Here to Conserve and Restore Your Works on Paper

Graphic Conservation Company has been serving private clients, museums, historical societies, and other institutions since 1921. Offering the highest quality conservation and restoration of all works on paper, our company can accommodate both single items and large collections.

Over the years, our company has been entrusted with the conservation of rare and important items of all kinds, from precious family documents to valuable fine art and collectibles to historical artifacts of national significance. Our full-service lab additionally offers a range of museum-quality preservation services to ensure that your newly conserved work on paper is stored and displayed in a safe and archival way.

From accidental water damage to the accumulation of everyday dirt, numerous types of damage can mar works on paper. Most types of damage to paper items can be repaired or improved with professional expertise. See more information on some of the types of damage that affect paper objects.



The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) is the national membership organization of conservation professionals. Dedicated to the preservation of cultural material, the AIC plays an important role in establishing and upholding professional standards in the field.

Our team of conservators maintains the highest professional standards set forth by the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) when performing conservation treatments.